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             Real Natural Cork and Faux Wallpapers      



The cork wall papers and wall coverings have a natural look and are in demand lately. We have several styles of natural "real cork" laminated to a gold, brown, red and black backgrounds and you will see sparkles coming through, and a faux cork.



CW3594 << click for details   


CWWS8086 << click for details  

CW906591  << click for details 

CWWS8087 << click for details  

CWY99010 << click for details

CWWS8088 << click for details  

CW7545 << click for details - Silver foil backing - Birch

CWWS8085 << click for details  

Faux Cork

CWRN1022  << click for details

CWRN1023  << click for details

CWRN1024  << click for details

CWRN1025  << click for details

CWRN1027  << click for details

CWRN1026  << click for details

CWRN1028  << click for details







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